Boxx The Artist offers creative art experiences consisting of body art services. Book with us today for your creative needs. Body art can be booked for photoshoots, special events, live events, parties, performances, fashion shows, and more. Boxx The Artist offers our lead art body painting, and creative consultation. Body Art Promos may routinely be available and promo specials may vary. Sc



Please note all body paint services should be submitted at least 15-30 days in advance for local inquiries in Indianapolis, Indiana. Booking outside of a 30-mile radius are needed to be booked 30-60 days in advance, including out of state inquiries. Availability and schedule may vary based on demand. For rushed bookings, additional fees will apply.
Base rates
- Live/ Body Painting ($100 per hr)
- Creative Consulting Services ($100+ per hr or quoted rate)
Project Budget Based Quotes Available Upon Booking  Review (Please disclose budget)
Submit your booking inquiry below! If you have any questions, please email us directly
Terms & Condition

Please be advised that submitting the above form you agree to be added to Boxx The Artist mailing lists to receive your quote and future updates. Agreeing to submit deposits/payments secures your booking and you agree to all terms that may change at any notice with or without advise. Please be sure to disclose any allergies, all liability is released from Boxx The Artist and affiliates for injury, damage, or causality. Please be sure to disclose all details for booking, event details and locations.


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Body Art FAQ

What type of paints are used?

 A variety of brands are used that are safe for the skin and non-toxic, safe body paint and skin application.


How long does body painting take?

 One hour is recommended for simple designs. Minimum 2 hour booking is required for photo shoots of 2 or more people.


How are designs chosen?

Clients can let us know any designs that they may have in mind. We accept reference photos that can be emailed to us. Client can also allow artist the creative freedom to freestyle a design.


Where are shoots held?

Boxx The Artist may outsource photography that can held at our photographers studio. We also travel to clients for in-home sessions, as well as to outside locations.


Please EMAIL US for any additional comments, questions, or inquiries.


Body Art Shoots

Photography provided by Through Her Lens Studio


Body Art Shoots

Photography provided by Beyond the Focus Photography


Body Art Shoots

Body Art Shoots provided by Elle Harris Studios


Additional Terms


Complete Payments are due 48 hours in advance of event, non-refundable deposits are required to secure booking and requested date. For colleges and universities payments may vary based on university policies for live painting/photography services.

Partial Payments: 
Partial payments are allowed and client may submit payments at a rate comfortable to them as long as payment is completed 48 hours in advance. To set-up arranged payments please inquire and ask about our options for automated reoccuring payments.

Submitting a deposit will secure your booking. When deposit is submitted you affirm that you have read and reviewed to the terms and conditions, and agree. Client understands terms and conditions are subject to change with or without notice and remain a binding agreement. All deposits are non-refundable due to any broken promises/agreements.

Invoices are payable, client can pay any amount at any rate as long as minimum is submitted. Completed invoice is due at least 48 hours before the services. Invoice can be generated at a reoccuring rate if customer opts for payment arrangements.

All invoices are eligible to be paid in cash or via cash to $BoxxArt. You can also send chase quick payments contact us for email associated with chase quickpay. If customer pays with any of these alternatives, you agree to waive all rights to refunds for any reasons. Paying with these platforms will avoid the extra paypal service fees. Please notify us before using these methods. Submitting booking inquiry you agree that you understand these terms and commit to this as a binding agreement.


Cancellation/ Refunds:

Refunds will not be procesed. Clients may rebook/rechedule, additional fees may apply.


Late Fees: 
Late fees will inquire at a weekly rate due to breach of contract, 5 attempts will be made to collect payment prior to collection actions. Fees will not exceed 40% of the invoice. 

Body Art: 
All body art services are available in-house and for travel. Please be advise booking fees will apply. Non-refundable 50% of payments are due at the time of booking to secure appointment and remaining balance is due 48 hours prior to service, please arrange logistics directly with artist. 



All photography is subjected to a 1-2 week standard turnover rate. Additional fees will apply for expedite requests.

Photo release and social media usage: 
Please note client agrees that Arthentic Fit, LLC can utilize all images collected during process of any Arthentic Fit, LLC services. Photos, videos, recordings, & more may be collected and used for marketing/advertising purposes only. You grant permission to our organization fair use of your image & likeness in ways respectfully advertising the art and services on all media and social media platforms that meets our standards.

More Terms and Conditions: Live Painting

Arthentic Fit offers exciting, social, group or private events with creative art services and entertainment. Clients can spice up their events with these exclusive services and offer their patrons a new one of a kind experience with live body painting. Base rates for body painting services begin at $100 per hour, pricing does not include models. Clients are responsible for providing their own models. Be sure to inquire with our team if youd like to contract a model for live Painting.


For full/partial nude events children are not allow. All services are offered and provided in a classful and tasteful model that aligns with the image and branding of Arthentic Fit. We reserve the right to reject clientele for offensive, obscene, or pornographic service inquiries.


For event locations that allow alcohol consumption no children are permitted, and alcohol submission is only permitted for adults ages 21+. Boxx the Artist and Arthentic Fit, LLC holds no liability for the consumption or over-consumption of alcohol, and does offer, provide, or extend the sale of alcohol. Boxx the Artist, Arthentic Fit, LLC and all partners associates are released from all liabilities, incidentals, injuries, or fatalities that may occur for any reason, even an act of God.


Clients hold all responsibility for their location, set-up, arrangements, and event details unless contracted otherwise. Guest that do not attend, cancel will not redeem a refund for any reason. Arthentic Fit, LLC hold the right to offer location and seating services at will within our means and resources. Client must be prepared to offer secure location where event can be executed. Please be advised that these terms are subjected to change for any reason, with or without any notice, and remain binding once payment is received in any form