B2B Bookings

 Bring Artistic Event Services to your establishment, organization, or office. Check out our B2B Options to liven your event planning initiatives!

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B2B Office Experiences

With B2B Office Experience, hire us to create those in office experience and activities for monthly employee engagement, holiday activities and outings! Events will offer a fit to your current culture offering interactive engagement for employees to bring fun to the workplace, and offer a much needed relaxing experience to keep employees happy and engaged creatively at work. Activity options vary. 

Bookings vary for one-time experiences, annual experiences, monthly experiences, to more frequent experiences such as bi-weekly, or weekly. Receive our one-on-one consultation to find the best fit for your company needs.


B2B Business Experiences

Boxx The Artist allows you to offer canvas painting experiences as a complimentary experience on a first-come, first- served basis, or receiving B2B Pricing to sell your own tickets for an event experience. Purchase services for the year and maintain and structure your own event frequencies and experiences.  


Nonprofits Experiences

Receive exclusive pricing and options for non-profits, let us know your budget and our consultation services will execute your vision for engagement within your budget.


If you are looking for fundraising options, Arthentic Fit can offer great options to raise funds, at no upfront cost to you. Fundraising proceeds will cover portion of the services and profits are invested in the fundraising initiatives. Contact us today to inquire for options and price structures to fit your needs.


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