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Become an Art Activist today and recieve exclsuive membership perks, exclusives, inside access, and much more! Find the perfect FIT for you!
ARTxVxST: Member Artist

As an art activist membering artist you'll have the opportunity to join as a collective member and recieve exclusives!

Artist Member Perks:
  • 10% off all Arthentic Fit Site Consumer Products, Services, and Events
  • 10% of Official Artxvxst and Arthentic Fit Apparel and Gear Collections
  • Exclsuive Artist Member Seating at all events
  • Vending/Participant Options with Arthentic Fit at events, fairs, festivals
  • Exclsuive workshops
  • Access to host, plan, and participate in events, programs, and workshops
  • Direct Connects to to expand, grow, and practice your craft.



  • 16+ years to join with parent/gaurdian consent, 18+ to attend/participant in adult events, 21+ for events with age restrictions
  • Actively practice any form of art including but not limited to painting, drawing, photography, videography, dance, acting, yoga, or any other form of art that YOU consider art.
  • Active Social Media Profiles (FB/IG)

Membership Requirements

  • Monthly/Bi-Monthly/Annual Dues 
  • Follow @BoxxtheArtist and @ArthenticFit_ on all social media platforms
  • Like, Comment, Share Arthentic Fit/Boxx the Artist events to boost visiblity/brand awareness
  • Atleast one membership Arthentic Fit Apparel 
  • Participate in atleast 2 events Arthentic Fit events as a member artist, community artist, or vendor
  • Attend all Member Artists meetings
  • Plan atleast one workshop hosted by Arthentic Fit
ARTxVxST: Community Member
Become an Artxvxst Community Member today and recieve discounted and free access to eligible events. Community members will receive complimentary Paint Passes to events, enjoy Community Member seating with complimentary refreshments, and much more.
Check out these Community Member Perks:
  • FREE Entry to one (1) Arthentic Fit event and partnered events a month
  • FREE Compliementary Refreshments and Exclsuive Community Member Seating
  • Email offers including exclsuive discounts, and give-a-ways
  • Closed invitation meet-up with Arthentic Fit Memmber Artist and Boxx the Artist either once a month/bi-monthly with select complimentary items
  • Upgraded membership options, paid & free

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