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Arthentic Fit, LLC "The Creative Arts Company" offers B2B options for business of every variation. Small business, larger corporations, non-profits, and more. Our B2B options ranges from creative consulting services to our premiere painting experiences. Find out more of our options and how we can meet your creative needs with our consultation services.



Creative consulting consists of one-on-one consultation with our expert lead artist an owner. Your business needs are assessed, and options are provided how Arthentic Fit can fill your company needs. We offer the following services B2B

- Event Curation

- Brand/Content Development

-Design/Image Development

- Commission Painting/ Interior Painting/ Murals

- Social Interaction

- Artistic Development

-Interactive Act i.e. live art, live painting

- Photography & Videography

- Entrepreneurship/Small Business Coaching & Services

- More



Event Curation

Are you looking to host an event and need ideas, organization, or planning strategy to execute a event for any size audience. Arthentic Fit, has planned events with over 500,000 attendants, and completely curated experiences uniquely fit for your goals as a business or brand. We focus on creatively interactive experiences and can take your needs as a organization, entrepreneur, small business or large business, and offer art, culture, and experiences unmatched. Your first consultation wil assess your needs ad develop a strategy and game plan to execute your next big event.



Brand/ Content Development

Developing a brand and content is extremely important for any organization. Arthentic Fit has experience working with top companies in content creation, as well as growing businesses with brand development. We specialize in logos, website creation, interfacing & managing, graphic design, and more. Consultation can asses your needs in this area, and identify a fit where services can be offered. Complete designing, image creation, and development will be offered to execute your needs.


Commission and Interior Painting

Arthentic Fit is steadily shifting the culture forward with art integration. Having art in the work place has proven to increase the climate of the environment and create an improved work atmosphere for top performance. Bring art into the working space, and liven up the environment. Commission a piece of orgininal art or mural. Offer art to your clients as well as unique gifts, and employee or customer appreciation.

Commissioned Painting for Eli Lilly (18x24 Acrylic on stretched Canvas)

Commission Painting for General Mills (8x10 acrylic on stretched canvas)

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