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Here at Arthentic Fit, we get a lot of questions about the company, so I've decided to compose a "Q&A" and I hope I can cover everything here. If you have any additional questions where I can build this list, please be sure to comment below.

So what is Arthentic Fit?

Arthentic Fit is a limited liability company that has evolved from a trendsetting Online E-Gallery that offers innovative art products consisting of canvas artwear, custom painted gear, to a full integrated creative arts organization offering artistic services, creative consultation, event curation, and exclusive art.


Why is it called "ARThentic Fit"?

Well "Arthentic" is a coined term that simply combines the words "Art" and "Authentic." We can take both text book definitions to break it down, let's begin with art

Art; the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. Authentic; true to one's own personality, spirit, or character. 

Thus ARThentic means to be true and original within your skill of creating aesthetics. 

Contrary to popular belief ,Fit isn't short for outfit or fitness, but to be suitable by nature or by art; adapted to end or design.

Now we have ARThentic Fit.


Why does Arthentic Fit offer clothes if it's an online art gallery?

Our premier with the fashion industry is offering a brand "Wear Art Meets Fashion." We recognize art in every form and fashion is a form of art. So, at Arthentic Fit we've innovated the clothing brand creating our exclusive style of artwear. This essentially turns clothes, and other gear into our canvas where we can create artistic hand painted clothing, and constantly push the limits of defining "art." You can order your artwear through our CUSTOMS Tab


What is "Artwear"?

Artwear is a hybrid fashion style consisting of art (acrylic painting) and various outerwear styles. Supporters can order their artwear from the comfort of their own homes, and have their very own hand-painted canvas collection. This is a company that seeks to provide expressive, individualized gear, reaching our market with premium upgraded artistic features to own.


How do you take care of artwear?
Since items are painting with fabric paint I recommend hand-washing or spot cleaning as necessary to preserve your painted item for items such as hats. For clothing, dry cleaning is always a positive and recomended, however machine wash in cold water when necessary, and air dry. 


How long does it take to get your order?

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to art so I like to make sure that it right. I work on something until it feels right. I know when people order things they expect it on demand and want it the next day, but I have a standard 3-4 week window for the creation process and shipping. I urge everyone to read my terms and conditions before purchasing. If someone is ordering an original art piece that is already created, it will ship within 5-7 business days. For commission art canvases, generally 2-3 weeks or more depending on production schedule, however I keep an open stream of communication during the entire creation process. If you would like anything customized or created, please allow yourself to contact atleast a month or two in advance, unless stated otherwise. For expedite orders, additional fees will apply.


Do you sell paintings?

Artwork Yes, my paintings catalog is available on the tab that links you directly to Art by Boxx the Artist that displays my online portfolio with all work available for purchase with pricing. If anything is not avaialble you can email me or contact me via the Contact section and whatever you need can be created.


Do you accept returns?

No, I do not accept returns or process refunds, unless arranged otherwise. I work case by case.


What's an Artxvxst?

An artxvxst is an art activist (artivist), which is simply a person that promotes the authenticity within art that is true to themselves and their craft.


How can I join the Arthentic Fit team?

Arthentic Fit is always looking to expand our team and grow more artists and building a network and premiere art society. If you are interested in being apart of the team please visit our Join the Team tab.


So what is the Gallery and why do people need to pledge?

The Arthentic Fit Team seeks to establish a full art experience known as "The Gallery." The Gallery will be a state of the art facility & innovative art gallery that is the first-of-it's-kind.  

Artistic services in art, art services, body art, fashion & retail, music, urban inner city culture with an exclusive art lounge experience will be offered to the surrounding community- seeking to enhance the art of living in the local community. The Gallery will allow the local culture to have an exclusive place to grow and thrive. This fully interactive facility will meet the demand of the artistic needs and cultivate the culture.  


The Gallery will seek to offer an unmatched art experience with additional technological services to enhance and improve the art experience.​ This facility will focus on the interactive distribution of artwork in various forms that is arthentically fit to the individualized audience.


Our services seek to improve the quality of expression, means of art distribution, increase local consumption, and develop local opportunities in a positive environment. The Gallery will provide an unparalleled experience with positive and progressive energy from a professional team. 



Pledges are investments that will go directly toward the building fund of the Gallery. Opening up a facility of this nature is costly, and we need help from the community and those that support the vision. For pledges we will provide limited Arthentic Fit Packages consisting of your personally selected Art package. Pledges are backed by these gifted incentives to encourage giving, and offer a reward. Donations are also available if you'd simply just like to give. 


Whats the difference between a donation or pledge?

Donations and Pledges both differ and we want you to select what's best for you. Both donations and pledges funds will go toward the business funds of the Gallery. However, donations can be given at anytime for any amount from $1+. No gift is too small, and all equally valued to us! Pledges receive a gift incentive, but they come with price points ranging from $30 to $1,000. Each Pledge has a limited availability per price point. Once that Pledge option is exhausted, it will no longer be available. 

  • Decide to Donate or commit to a Pledge

  • Donate via the project campaign app

  • Review all Pledge options and Commit to a Pledge


How can I find out more about the Gallery?

Join the site as a site member and sign-in to learn more details on this venture, and how to become a supporter. Members also currently early- bird exclusive access to several limited pledge incentives. You get to view detailed information about the project and it's entire scope as well as receive first dibs on pledge incentives that are all LIMITED while supplies last.  

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask and check back in for future updates.

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