Dope Dealin' pt 1

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Who could imagine being a Dope Dealer, could be so, [dope]. As a team, Arthentic Fit has done nothing but committed to offer you dope art. Dope as in innovatively & artisticly crafted, created, and distributed, legal tender. 



[DOPE x ART] The Self Made Series


The Self Made Series, will be highlighting self made entrepreneurs from the 219 region, targeting Gary, IN natives and residents - from the critically acclaimed, rising stars, unrecognized, and up & coming entrepreneurs. There will be 5 features in this series. So often we are captivated by the stars, and the glitz and glamour of the famous, but often fail to realize those closest to home shine just as bright. This series is a developmental exercise for Boxx the Artist to challenge her craft, while also showing respect and recognition for peers aspiring and ascending toward like-heights. Check out the latest features:


Sedalia 24x24

Erin Sedalia, Art/Musical Artist, Entrepreneur, Gary, IN Native, 24x24 acrylic on wood; and Cordero Brady: YouTube Sensation, Entrepreneur, Gary, IN Native. 24x25 acrylic on wood.


Follow the Boxx the Artist  on Instagram & Facebook for the latest features in the Self Made Series! Be on the look out for individual blog interviews on select entrepreneurs. If you'd like to recommend someone for the self made series please be sure to send us an email for considerations! We have three remaining features for this series.



[DOPE x ARTISTs] Chris the Rapper



Chris the Rapper, is a 15-year-old musical prodigy from Gary, IN. Recently began his musical performance in 2017, while writing since 2015 and embarking on a new journey. Chris the Rapper joined the Arthentic Fit team as a musical artist where he will receive creative consulting, styling, and access to several different resources for his artistic growth and a network of artists to help develop his craft. Join us in welcoming Chris the Rapper by viewing his video "No Effort."


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No Effort Challenge highlighting Arthentic Fit Artist Chris the Rapper, hot new artist & fresh young talent. Self Made Chris is a lyrical mastermind, wordsmith, storyteller. Subscribe for more videos and follow @ChrisDaGreat03 on Instagram 


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